New & Improved Garden Planner

4 Comments 16 May 2013

Our award-winning garden planner is now even better!

Improvements include:

– full screen planning
– more flexible drawing shapes
– more printing options
– save as a JPEG or PNG
– easy to find my plants list
– more plant information on 15,000 plants (e.g. height, spread, soil and other growing conditions) to help you plan your garden

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  1. It’s so much better to have the full screen and to have the option to save as JPEG. I only recently joined Shoot and these were the two things bugging me – so great to have this update.

    • Nicola Gammon says:

      Thanks Julieanne! Great to have your feedback. I am delighted that you like these updates. And how about the my plants list at the right with more plant information. Does that help too?

  2. H says:

    Just found shoot – it looks like a potentially great website, and was considering purchasing the annual membership. Tried to open the planner – but it does not open in Ipad nor in android tablet (samsung). have gone back to the less user friendly standard computer to use this website. The ipad could have been a real help in the garden today, but i cannot even get going with the planner, but will only do this now when I am back in the house and able to sit in front of the computer – impossible with a full on family/children/life! Worst part is the 48h trial has started now and I cannot access it! poor customer care from shoot. Why do they not say at the start that their website is not fully able on tablets?
    more objectively i am more upset with Apple- as usual i cannot access another potentially useful website because apple refuse to allow flashplayer use on their hardware! If i had known this at at point of purchase i would never had bothered with ipads.

    • Nicola Gammon says:

      Hi H, this is a good suggestion. We do say on our membership page that the tool needs flash but we will try to add it to the planner too so this is clearer. Thanks for the suggestion. Nicola

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