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Best Plants For Bees

No Comments 22 March 2016

Many of you will already be aware that our bees are in trouble and that garden flowers can be a really important source of food for them. But its not always easy to work out which plants are best for them. There are quite a few lists of recommended plants and the RHS has developed […]

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The Pollen is coming, be prepared.

No Comments 11 March 2016

Spring has sprung and everything is waking. However, as flowers start to bloom, that ‘everything’ may include your hay fever! For those of you who like the outdoors, but suffer from pollen allergies, we want to help! As all doctors agree, prevention is better than a cure so understanding what kind of pollen you are […]

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Giving back

No Comments 03 March 2016

Nicola Gammon, founder & CEO of Shoot, announced a personal commitment to give back by signing up to Founders Pledge. “I thought — what kind of legacy do I want to leave as a human being? It was an easy decision for me to give back to the community, and to donate to MassChallenge, an organisation that […]

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The Big Problem with Sudden Oak Death

No Comments 26 February 2016

Although this may seem like old news, Sudden oak death is something all gardeners should look out for. It is not just our beautiful old oak trees that suffer from this pathogen but many other smaller trees and shrubs that you are likely to have in your garden. The plant pathogen Phytophthora ramorum known as Sudden […]

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The New Multi Plant Add Is Here!

No Comments 23 February 2016

We are making Shoot even easier to use. We are proud to announce the new multi-plant add feature. Here is how to use it: Login as usual, go to My Garden and click on My Garden Notebook. Then, select a garden and click ‘Add Plant’ You will be offered these options: Select ‘Add Multiple Plants’ […]

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An Historic Spring Time Adventure

No Comments 23 February 2016

Geoffrey & Etta Wyatt will be opening the gates of their parkland garden for all to see. The magical place can be found in the South downs National Park with views towards Cissbury Ring and the sea. This spring time garden was designed by Oliver Wyatt in 1945, a member of the Royal Horticultural Society and a snowdrop […]

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Gardening Infographic

No Comments 23 November 2013

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How much should a garden cost?

13 Comments 27 July 2013

Many of us look at inspirational, beautiful designer gardens or RHS flower show gardens and hope to re-create the look in our own outside space. However many starting out to transform their gardens don’t really know how much to budget for or how to get started. Here are some common questions answered: How much should […]

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Introducing Shoot +

12 Comments 30 May 2013

By Nicola Gammon, Founder of Shoot David Edelman’s article Give Me My Data has inspired me to open a conversation with my members and plant retailers about getting more seamless access to our own plant buying history. One of the key differentiators for brands in the future will be how they make the data they […]

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Gift Memberships Available

No Comments 15 December 2011

Still looking for a great gift for a gardener you know? Don’t forget you can buy gift memberships to Shoot for just £19.99 making an ideal gift for any experienced or novice gardener! Simply add the name of the recipient and a message to create your own personalised Shoot membership gift. Terms: One-year membership to […]

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