Improved Plant Lists Coming Soon

We are working on some improvements to the way you can manage your plant lists. The much loved features of being able to sort your ‘Plants I have’ list into an alphabetical order or by most recently added will soon also be available in your ‘Plants I want’ lists too. We will also give you a search ‘my plant list’ feature to find a plant in any of your lists more quickly. Finally you will also be able to add all your ‘Plants I want’ to your garden plan. We hope you enjoy these upcoming improvements!

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  1. Great to hear of the plant lists improvements! Can we also have our plant lists in view when selecting plants during the design process? Would help enormously! Thanks, Judi.. 🙂

    1. Hi Judi – thanks for the comments. Yes that improvement is on the list too! We just need to finalise internally how it will look when you view the lists in the planner, but ideally will be two lists – Plants I have and Plants I want.

  2. I am not sure about blogs and so on, having never wanted to get involved in such time consuming stuff, but one thought occurred to me regarding ‘groups’ . It would be useful (to me, anyway) if there could be two groups available for each plant. Thus I could group plants in each bed together, and also by type of plant, or by months of interest or ……., and people would have more flexibility – even more with three groups, I hear some people suggest. Probably nobody else wants this, but I just thought I’d mention it.
    Also, the application used here to design a garden has proved useless for me. CAD progs are much more useful and flexible. Anyone else have trouble with the design prog here?


    1. Hi Barry – we do have plant groups!! If you login and go to your ‘Plants I have’ list look to the right. There is an option to ‘Add to group’ and then once in a group to ‘Change group’. Once you have added plants to a group you can then also view your plants list by group. Hope that helps!

      1. Can a plant belong to more than one group at a time though? I think that’s what Barry wants, and I agree it would be useful – e.g. it could be in ‘circular bed’ but also in ‘late spring’.

        1. Hi Kathy, yes it can but you need to add multiple instances of the plant to your list. So one plant record can only live in one plant group, but you can add more than one instance of the same plant to your list if you want to add it to more than one group. Hope that helps!

      2. Not really, Nicola. The point that I am making is that it would be useful to group a plant several times – Hardy perennial AND in the right front border AND bought from Parkhal GC AND flwers in may to June. I have changed the BASIS of grouping my plants in my list twice, but nothing ON ITS OWN seems to be particularly useful. Your suggestion of adding multiple instances of the plant seems like overkill, and a multiple grouping facility would work better for me. Sorry. Also, I have again lost access to the ‘Add a plant name’ to the main Shoot plant list. I used it last week, noted where to find it, but it’s not where I noted it to be any more. Have you moved it?
        Sorry to be a pain.

        1. Hi Barry, here is the link to plant requests. We haven’t moved it no – it is in the first paragraph of the Plants page. Technically your solution cannot work as when you look at the list of plants by group there needs to be an instance of the plant in your lists for each group for it to appear in the group listing – it won’t work otherwise. So if you want the same plant to appear in many groups you will need to add a plant for each group. You might also consider using notes if you want add detail about particular plants being hardy perennial for example.

    1. Sure! We welcome negative comments as well as positive. What we are hoping members will do is recommend to us which retailers or plant nurseries they are really happy with. That way we can build a recommendation based marketplace. Thanks for the comment:)

  3. Would it be too difficult to show Feet and Inches as well as Metric. I’m afraid I have made many mistakes,though trying to use the metric system. Sorry but us older gardeners may not have learnt this at school.

  4. Would love to have the plants I already have in My Plant List show (with a tick?) when searching as I can’t always remember which plants I have and then I find I have added it twice – or am I the only one who does this?

    Also if plants in Plants I Want List could also be shown alphabetically it would make finding them so much easier.

    And would like to be able to delete a group as I have recently moved and old groups are no longer relevant and can’t seem to delete a group from Groups’.

    1. Hi Nikki – thanks for your comments.

      We do show if a plant is in your lists with a tick on the plant page at the upper right side. Or do you mean in search results summary? Or in the plant A-Z lists? I am not sure where you mean you’d like it.

      Alphabetical ordering of Plants I want is on the list and is coming.

      You can delete a group name, but not all the plants in a group at the same time. If you want to delete plants you need to delete the plants themselves.

      All the best, Nicola

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