We want to hear from you

As we are gearing up to start our own Gardening Marketplace this Spring 2012 we’d love to hear from you!

What would you like to see for sale in our marketplace? Which are your favourite plants, gardening products and suppliers? Who do you most like doing your shopping with and why? Do you have any small, local favourites?

Please feel free to add comments at the bottom of this post. We hope to hear from you!

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    1. Thanks Edward, yes of course. You can already list websites, blogs, twitter feeds, facebook pages and youtube links if you are a paid member of Shoot – either as a paid business member or as a paid full regular member. Hope that helps!

      1. Seeking sponsor for Hampton Court 2012 – urgent

        Sorry not very good at knowing how to post this in the right place yet…

        I have just had my conceptual show garden design for Amnesty International (which features live tropical butterflies) accepted by the RHS judging panel to be shown at this year’s Hampton Court Flower Show.

        However, I desperately need to find a sponsor. The RHS have imposed a deadline for confirmation of sponsorship of 27 January.

        If anyone knows of any individuals or companies that might be interested in the 150,000 visitors or huge levels of media attention Hampton Court receives please ask them to contact me for more information on 01747 871614. I live on the border between Dorset and Wiltshire near Shaftesbury but I am happy to travel anywhere to meet with possible sponsors. The headline sponsorship I am looking for, which entitles the sponsor to have its name in the garden’s title, is £30k

  1. How about seed swaps? How about plant swaps? Or is this new idea geared only to giving the commercial members a captive audience?


  2. Has anyone figured out an easy way to print out the info stored in your garden plants I have list? I want to be able to refer to specific instructions in the garden and I haven’t been able to figure this out yet. Any suggestions?

    1. Hi Eliza – there is a new print button for both plants lists and for the information in your care calendar which should make printing easy.

      If you click print in either of these places you’ll get your plants list printed and/or your care calendar printed. You need to print each individually however.

      If you want to see your care instructions organised by plant name in your list, click the option to ‘view by plant’ (found just above the Month) in the My Care Calendar page. Hope that helps!

  3. My favourite small local nursery is Mill Nursery, London Road, Hassocks, W. Sussex. Postcode is BN6 9NB for satnav. Marvellous plants, knowledgeable owner who is very helpful. All the plants I’ve bought from them have done fantastically well. Lots of perennials, grasses and shrubs. Suggest a visit if anyone’s in the area.

    1. Thanks SO much Geraldine. That is exactly the type of recommendation we are looking for!!!

      I have just had a look and they don’t seem to have a website. Will you be visiting them again soon? I’d love to include them in our new marketplace if they wanted to get involved. We want really excellent providers to participate.

      Ask them to make contact with us using the ‘Contact’ form above if interested. Thanks again Nicola

  4. I have divided our plants into areas of the garden which are my ‘groups’. Unfortunately the groups come up in random order and it would be helpful if they could be alphabetical.

    1. Hi – I think they appear in the order of last added first. We have some improvements we are working on but can think about this one too. Do other members have the same issue?

  5. Glad you added the blog! Although I do have one complaint…. my bank is not very happy with me for the dramatic increase in plant purchasing since I started using the site! 😉

  6. Jusst read Mairi’s comment about plant groups and I agree wholeheartedly about the arrangement. I’m sure they’d be easier to use if alphabetical. Also it would be nice to be able to amend the titles of the groups then we could arraange them (alphabetically) as we prefer. Love the site, though.

    1. Thanks for the feedback and kind words Tony!

      You can amend the titles of groups right now. Go to ‘My Plants Lists’ then click Groups. You’ll see there is an ‘Edit’ option under each Group.

      We’ll see about the alphabetical ordering of Groups. We just added alphabetical ordering of ‘Plants I want’ lists and added a ‘Search My List’ options. Did you notice those improvements?

      1. Yes, I did and thanks for that. I now feel a bit daft for not noticing the ‘edit’ feature which, pretty much, solves all the issues I had with searching. Great work, programmers!

  7. Taylor’s garden centre, normanton, southwell, notts.A family run garden centre and cafe.All produce very well presented and tended, good advice, wonderful food,and lots of lovely things to buy in their upmarket gift and plant shops

  8. Hi everyone, I have never posted a comment before on a blog! I love this website and am pleased with all the helpful advice. I have two questions
    1. Is it possible to change the name of a garden after it has been set up?
    2. I use an iPad for most day to day Internet use, but as Apple don’t support flash I am unable to design my garden using the iPad so then have to eject my husband off our main computer. Will Shoot be supporting Apple software in the near future?

    1. Hi Patricia – thanks for your kind words about the site:) Delighted you like it!

      1. Yes, you can change the name of a garden. Just find the garden in your list and click Edit. Save all changes.

      2. We have no immediate plans to build an iPad app however this does make sense over time. It is not inexpensive to build these apps so we would need to ensure there is enough demand to make sense for us.

      All the best,

      1. Hi,

        I also use an iPad for everything and it would be fantastic if Shoot could support apple software (not just an app but non Flash technology)

        Also I have a number of plants which are not on your plant list – how can I either just add my own plant to my plant list or alternatively get you to add to the main list?

        And by the way Shoot helps me track what I’m planting where and when and is really really useful. Thank you.

        Cheers, Phyl

  9. Hi Nicola,

    I am working on a new design and I left the planner page to come have a read through forum comments. When I returned to it the ‘create or watch video’ screen reappeared in front! I thought your developers had got rid of that..?!


  10. I like the site and use it a lot. One thing I’d really like to be able to do is in the situation where I move a plant from one area of my garden to another’, to be able to move the record of that plant from one ‘garden’ to another in Shoot. At the moment the only way of doing that is to erase it from one garden and add it back to another.

  11. I love the shootgardening website,it is full of information and advice. The plant list is extensive. Alas! I have one complaint and that is I wish it would be more up to date with new plants arriving from Chelsea and Hampton court flower show. I wanted to add to my wish list Clematis ‘countesss of Wessex, (not listed), Clematis Zara (not listed) and clematis Alaina (not listed) there were many more but the plant list is not up to date.

    1. Hi Lynn, thanks for the kind words. Which gardens were these plants from? We try our best to add the plants for the main show gardens but often we do not get the plants list until press day and it takes time to enter them all.

      Please add any plants you cannot find and want us to add to our request form here http://www.shootgardening.co.uk/plant/suggest/add

      We are always entering new plants. There are about 70,000 we could add so only 57,000 left to go!

  12. Dingly Dell launch party raises £200 for charity.. (Saturday 14 July 2012)

    Wow, what a fantastic evening! The hours and hours of complete preoccupation and planning of the Dingly Dell launch party just disappeared as I immersed myself into the joy of meeting guests and talking about the concept behind the Dingly Dell.

    It was gorgeous to see the garden looking so full and lush (thanks to the endless rain) which gave just the right feel and shape leading down to the Dingly Dell. Five minutes before the party started.. (literally) the clouds parted and for three whole hours we enjoyed a sun-filled garden.. talk about timing!

    The party bags were fun to put together and everyone loved the free seeds and (I hope) the 20% discount on Dingly Dells helps get the word out.. I want to be very busy this autumn with Dingly Dell installations and I am delighted that I have already been commissioned by guests at the launch, which is great!

    To add that extra wow factor, I added lighting to the planting scheme, both around the seating and up above hanging from the tree. The solar powered mosaic lights were absolutely gorgeous, as were the colourful hanging glass bottles suspended from inside the Dingly Dell, I was asked several times, where I had sourced them.

    I would like to say a special “thank you” to Rita for being so supportive in my new venture and for trusting me with her garden. It was important for Rita that the plants selected would provide pollen for bees and butterflies and berries for the birds. If you would like to see the plants list please do get in touch.

    The evening was not only about launching the Dingly Dells but also about Rita’s wish to raise awareness of the Doris Banham Dog Rescue charity and raise funds for its work. I am delighted to announce that we raised over £200 and very big thanks go to everyone for dropping their hard-earned cash into the pot!

    If you would like to discuss a Dingly Dell for your garden please do get in touch. The initial one-hour consultation is free.

    Photographs of the event and Dingly Dells at http://www.judithegardener.co.uk

  13. I am a relatively new member to this website and I find it fascinating and it takes up so much of my time!! Quick question when you plan a garden is it possible to view the planned garden in 3D?

  14. I would if I could afford it! But given my age I am not convinced I would get another 10 years in my garden……perhaps you could consider an over 60s club which reflects age and time available………. just a thought. So pleased with the site though have trouble keeping off it…

      1. Hi Nicola,

        Yes I would sign up next month when I know I have the money. Thank you for listening, that is very much appreciated. PS loving the sums at the bottom – lol


        1. Thanks Gill. I might not do this right away. I’d like to give the lifetime memberships a few more months. Perhaps in September? Cheers Nicola

          1. Hi Nicola, That’s fine please let me know when and if this option becomes available. I am sorry for the delay in replying been away so now off to tackle the weeds that have grown in my absence!! Kind regards


  15. I have produced a very detailed plan, with associated plant list, but today when I tried to update the plan and add new plant association, I cannot. My plant list seems to be there but all the associations have gone and when I print my plan the (optional) plant list has disappeared. Can you help? Thanks

        1. Hi Debbie, we cannot login as you unless you send us your email address. Please write to us at shoot@shootgardening.co.uk and we will reset your password to login as you. We will check your account and once we test it we will write back. Thanks Nicola

  16. I just love your new video, it gives inspiration backed up by your web site which is just packed full of info, ideas and loads of knowledge from the wider community which is priceless. Thank you!!

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