Garden Planner Improvements

Hi all, we are soon going to be adding around 60Β  newΒ  garden planner objects, including a much larger set of symbols for vegetables!

Also if you have started a plan you won’t see the welcome menu any longer. Some members have asked us to remove this if they have already started a plan. We hope you enjoy the updates!

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11 Replies to “Garden Planner Improvements”

  1. Hi Nicola and Shoot Gardening Team,

    That is great news about the developments and I am really glad to see the ‘create or watch video’ screen disappear from the plan upon opening!

    I still love using Shoot (daily) and I rely upon its growing database and design function more and more as my business grows.

    Keep up the great work.. Judi.. πŸ™‚

        1. That is great Judi:)

          Do you want to tell us all the new shapes you’d like to see?

          At the moment Angie has asked for variegated foliage shrubs, and Ann Marie has asked for groups of bulbs. Do you have a list too?


  2. Good idea for that screen to disappear. I always found it annoying πŸ™‚
    You didn’t say what objects. Can I ask for something which you may like to consider in future improvements.
    When choosing a plant or shrub from the garden planner there are no option of choosing a plant with variegated foliage. I know some show a degree of shading but none have the choice to choose different colours. Eg plants with green and yellow leaves or green and red.
    Thanks for the up coming improvements. Still enjoying using the site πŸ™‚

    1. Hi Angie – thanks for your comment! The new objects include ornamental grasses, vegetables, shrubs & flowers plus some other garden objects and shapes.

      Can you give me a list of others you’d like added?

      Thanks, Nicola

  3. Thanks for your reply Nicola…personally the only thing I find missing is variegated foliage as I describe above – I have managed to work round other things with items already available. If I happen to think of anything else I’ll let you know.
    Thanks, Angie

  4. Hi – updates as planned are now live. Please post a list of all the new shapes you’d like to see added to the planner tool. Thanks Nicola

  5. Hello! Just to say I love the planner: it was what tipped me over the edge into signing up for a Shoot subscription and I’m really glad I did, it’s been very useful thinking about what to plant where!

    One good option to add in the longer term could be to allow the planner to adjust the size of the object to match the eventual spread of the plant you’ve associated it with (I’m sure I have a tendency to try to cram too many things in!) – maybe with a tick box next to the plant listed if you want to auto-size it?

    As for shapes, I’d also like to be able to add a compass, so you can see where the light is coming from when you look at other people’s plans.

    Separately it would be pretty nice to have a horizontal garden planner for planning a border (to think about heights and colours etc. looking from the side, rather than above).

    But to be honest it’s already very good as it is, so no complaints!

  6. I’m remodelling my garden at present and will be using garden mirrors to create an illusion of space, also will be adding some statuary and stone bird baths. None of these objects appear at present… any chance of including them in your next update please?

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