New! Plant List Import

We are very pleased to tell you that the new plant list import feature is now live. This new feature is useful for those who want to add many plants to a garden’s plant list all at one time quickly. Please login and try it out.

You can find the new Plant list import on your Garden Notebook page, My Garden pages and Plants List pages. Export a list of all plants listed in Shoot, mark your garden plants selection with an ‘x’, add plant notes and plant group, save and import again.

Please let us know how this works for you too by commenting here.

2 Replies to “New! Plant List Import”

  1. witch hazel
    please advise as to when I can move my Witch Hazel. Need to move it few feet further to back corner of border. my fault that border looks overcrowded and need to reposition shrubs slightly. Frighten to move as do not want to loose such a beautiful plant

    1. Hi Elaine, please ask your plant questions in our forums for plants? Login and find Witch Hazel click the Ask Us tab and enter your question there. Our experts and others are always feeding back in the forums. We hope that helps?

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