New My Garden Planner

We are working on a new and improved version of our award-winning garden planner software. Improvements will include better and more flexible drawing shapes, better printing options and better usability.

We will be pulling in more plant information into the planner for you to review the plant details such as height and spread, aspect and so on.

Also we will be showing the ‘My Plants’ list already built at the right hand side to allow you to build your garden with the plants in your garden right there.

Please look for more updates coming soon!

3 Replies to “New My Garden Planner”

  1. Nice garden planner but does it include a watering system option? I have numerous requests from garden designers for watering systems after the garden is built it is sometimes possible however if there are solid paths to cross it can be impossible. If a conduit is installed under paths the problem is solved, it can also be used to take low voltage lighting cables.

    1. Good question. We did have watering in version 1. We will check that. Have you tried the watering systems in our current garden planner?

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