Plant bulbs in the green

Posted by Lizzie Keogh, Blooming Direct for Shoot Marketplace

Late February and  March is the time to plant bulbs in the green. What better way to celebrate the end of winter!

Snowdrops (or Galanthus) and Aconites (or Eranthis) like to live in a partially shady area with moist soil and enjoy communal living! They will thrive far better when planted in the company of other snowdrops rather than alone. Woodland planting is ideal, though if you don’t own acres of forestry land, they are very happy under a single tree or at the front of a flower bed!

In the green bulbs will arrive with you with ready established roots and foliage making it easier to plan your planting scheme as you can see exactly where you have put each one. With our bulb planter, planting out your new bulbs couldn’t be simpler. Push the planter into the soil to the required depth using a turning, twisting action. Lift it out, retaining the soil. Pop the bulb into the hole and position the bulb planter over the hole, pressing the handle together to release the soil to fill in the hole around the bulb. If the roots are a bit dry, water them before planting them at a depth of about 10cm (4 inches in old money). Water them again when you have finished planting an area. You will see several years of flowering from this batch and next spring, after flowering, you can split the clumps in two, replanting one in the original position and the other in a new spot.

No plant says “British” quite like the traditional Bluebell, (or hyacinthoides non scripta) which have a later flowering period than aconites and snowdrops and should bloom this year from late spring to summer. They have very similar needs to the other in the green bulbs, though preferring a deeper plant of at least 15cm.

These bulbs can be planted straight out into their final position, why not go for the woodland effect and plant them in clusters around the base of trees?

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  1. Next year’s garden may seem far away, but you can get it off to a great start by planting spectacular bulbs this fall. Some add much-anticipated color to the bare winter landscape, others jazz up summer borders, and still others bloom into fall. Many of these choices will slowly naturalize if left to drift casually through beds and borders. In moist, well-drained soil, colonization often comes more rapidly. Overall, bulbs make few demands other than well-drained soil. Simply dig a hole in an appropriate location, plant according to package directions, add a light sprinkling of 10-10-10 fertilizer, water, and forget about it. The bulbs will take it from there and delight you with their colorful surprise.

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