Plant Heritage

The new Shoot Marketplace features Plant Heritage collection holders’ plants for sale.

Plant Heritage is the world’s leading garden plant conservation charity.  The charity’s mission is to encourage the conservation of cultivated plants in the British Isles and educate the public in the importance of cultivated plant conservation.  Plant Heritage manages the National Plant Collection Scheme which houses over 630 Collections in Britain, each representing a ‘living plant library’, dedicated to a specific genus. Almost half are in private ownership and others are maintained by local authorities, academic institutions, botanic gardens and commercial nurseries.

Plant Heritage’s Collections represent an internationally significant biodiversity resource. Plants from these collections are an asset to our gardens, and by purchasing these plants you are doing your bit to help safeguard the future of British gardens as we know them.  For more information on Plant Heritage please visit:

* Please note that that whilst National Collection holders are selling on the site not all the plants listed are necessarily part of a National Collection. For more details of plants available from a National Collection please contact the Collection Holder.