Smarter Plant Lists and Care

The smarter way to provide plant lists and care advice to clients

I’m a professional garden designer or landscaper. Why would I use Shoot Professional membership?


Working with Shoot’s online plant database of over 15 000 varieties can literally save you hours of work in compiling and researching planting schemes. You can select varieties at the click of a button and add them to a client planting list. Every variety has both a photograph and extensive variety information for you to present to your clients. If a plant is missing from the database, our experts will add it for you. Tweak the list until your client is satisfied, then upon the project’s completion, Shoot allows you to
hand over a detailed plant list online.


You simply send a plant list on Shoot to your client, and Shoot’s unique plant maintenance software generates a bespoke plant care calendar with timely email advice reminders on what to do when to keep their garden in tip-top condition. You can offer a Shoot membership as a costed extra part of your contract or include it as a free additional service.

VisionMaintain your vision

When you leave a site, equip your clients with the essential knowledge to care for their new garden. With a personalised Shoot planting plan you are giving clients the confidence and the tools to look after their garden and helping to maintain the garden vision you designed.

ProfileDevelop your profile

Profile your work in Shoot’s ‘Inspirational Gardens’ section, be listed on the ‘Gardening Services’ directory, and contribute guest blogs and views in the active gardening forums.

Matt“Time and value for money are Shoot’s huge benefits to my business. I am logged in a lot! I use Shoot in the preliminaries when I’m proposing planting schemes to customers and researching new plants and fresh ideas. And at the end of the project, I either sell Shoot membership and the personalised plant maintenance programme or, for larger projects, provide it as part of the package.” Matt Nichol , MSGD MBALI Matt Nichol Garden Design, Cheshire

Helen B

“Shoot’s plant information and image database is so comprehensive that it saves me a huge amount of time. I use Shoot when I am proposing a design, and as part of the closing package upon completion. Our customers really love it. Shoot is an important selling point for the Haskett’s service to the client.” Helen Boem, BSc (Hons) Hort, Haskett Ltd, Essex

Helen ES“We use Shoot to give our clients monthly maintenance advice and the clients that sign up for it have been very happy. We also contribute guest blogs and finished projects for Shoot’s featured gardens and Pinterest boards.” Helen Elks-Smith MSGD, Bsc(Hons) Dip(GD) Cert(Hort) Elks-Smith Design Ltd,

The bottom line: just £130* per year

As a Shoot Professional Member you can give unlimited number of one-year Shoot membership accounts to your clients during your subscription period. Many designers and landscapers choose to earn their membership fee back by charging £50-£120 per client account. *pricing as of April 2013 subject to change

Vectorworks Landmark teams with Shoot

Vectorworks Content ProviderNEW! If you are a Vectorworks Service Select member using Landmark 2013 and a Shoot Professional membership, you can associate a Shoot plant with any native Vectorworks Plant Objects within your designs, and then export your plant lists from Vectorworks software into the Shoot website to create online virtual maintenance schedules for clients. This exciting integration saves you even more time!

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