Introducing Shoot +

By Nicola Gammon, Founder of Shoot

David Edelman’s article Give Me My Data has inspired me to open a conversation with my members and plant retailers about getting more seamless access to our own plant buying history.

One of the key differentiators for brands in the future will be how they make the data they have gathered about us more accessible and usable … and then turned into a service of itself

Shoot provides over 60,000 gardeners with a ‘my plant list’ and ‘my plant care advice’ service as well as detailed information on 15,000 (and growing) plants. If you tell us which plants are in your garden we send you pro-active, personalised plant care reminders each month. Shoot was born out of my own frustrations with plant buying and care. It has now gone on to win awards awards including Website of the Year 2012 from the Garden Media Guild and a Which? Best Buy. Some members love our service so much they are now Lifetime Members. I am thrilled to see how well Shoot is received.

I find Shoot invaluable for the jobs to do every month, for knowing what plants I have where, when I put them in, where I bought them

However, I am also aware that our service could be easier to use. It is a time consuming and boring task to gather all your plant labels before you throw them away, search through our 15,000  plants to find each one you just bought and then to add each plant to your own plant list.

An easier way could be so beautifully simple – I am calling it Shoot +. When you shop at your favourite garden centre or plant nursery, simply hand over your club loyalty card at check-out and Shoot will take a feed from their till systems to update your plants list for you with a note of when and where you bought them … automatically on your behalf.

Shoot is looking for one plant retailer to conduct a trial of Shoot +

How can you help? If you are a club member of a Garden Centre please suggest they trial Shoot + If you are willing to wear a badge or hand over a Shoot + leaflet please contact us. Or if you are visionary plant retailer and want to trial the Shoot + service for your own customers please get in touch with us. We’d love to hear from you.

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  1. Shoot Gardening is a site that all amateur and professional gardeners should use – the amount of information, guidance and knowledge within this site is par excellence and as a member one has the added advantage (one of many I hasten to add) monthly ‘to do’ for every plant in one’s garden – what more could one want than these gentle reminders of care.

    1. Good question. Thanks for your comment! There can be a lot of benefits to the retailer. Getting more customers to join their club first of all. If you knew you’d get care advice reminders each month which is helpful you may be more likely to give your email address and join the club. Also it can become a portal for the retailer to stay in touch with thier customers between store visits. And finally depending on how we structure it the retailer could offer ‘buy with’ suggestions to customers later on linked to their care advice. Make sense?

  2. I see so many benefits – Shoot gardening extending its offering and also gaining more clients. The data sharing is of course paramount. But another upside is definitely for the retailer as if Shoot on top of the data acquisition also pushed further info the buyer on suggestion of companion planting, what would look nice with that particular plant , make suggestions on what’s in season to buy etc.. thereby ensuring the clients go back to the retailer to buy more and thereby the circle starts again.

  3. I shop at The Garden Centre Group and am a member of their ‘club’ and would love it if they could offer this type of service as an add-on to the service they already provide. Sounds like a win-win to me as I am sure they would benefit too.

  4. An absolutely brilliant concept and knowing Nicola, our Shoot Founder’s determination; I think it’s a case of watch this space.

    Added to this though, will it be possible to include all the online garden centres like (wash my mouth out with soap and water) Jersey Plants, Thompson & Morgan, their sister site Van Meuwen etc.etc.

  5. David Edeleman author of Give Me My Data @davidedelman just retweeted our blog post. Thrilled for the support.

  6. I find Shoot invaluable for information on planting conditions, care, pruning etc. I could not do without it.
    Still trying to get information on a problem with a conference pear tree leaves, that I emailed about 10 days ago, but no replies so far, would appreciate any comments of possibilities as to what the problem is with this (emailed to Forum)

    1. Hi Lorna, thanks for the kind words. We do try our best to ensure that forum posts get answered. We will try to find yours for you. Answering gardening questions is not part of the service but as I said we will try to get someone to help you. Thanks for taking the time to add a comment.

  7. Sounds like a good idea but I wonder if you will be overrun with vegetable plants that may only be grown for one season, and which, if like me, do not normally get requested for addition to the database. Still in the long run it can only lead to a very complete plant file.
    Regarding plant purchasing, I usually buy online and do not know any suppliers with loyalty clubs. I occasionally make a supermarket type shop from B&Q, IE: didn’t go there to buy the plant but get carried away. I am also a member of their club. Perhaps they, being a major outlet, could be your test supplier.

    1. Thanks Geof for the suggestion. We do want a very complete plant file. And we would LOVE to work with B&Q. Watch this space.

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