Altons Plant Information

Altons Garden Centre is now making great use of Shoot’s plant finder in their own website. As part of the Tillington Buying Group of Garden Centres Altons has licenced the use of our plant data using the group magazine brand ‘Beautiful Gardens’. Along with Altons, Squires Garden Centres and Frosts Garden Centres also have licenced the use of our plant A-Z to allow their own customers to research plants in their own websites.

Altons Garden Centre Online will also be participating in Shoot’s new marketplace to bring our members great deals on gardening products. Coming Spring 2012!

Shades of Green Garden Design

Belinda Macdonald, owner of Shades of Green Garden Design, has been a full professional member of Shoot since September 2010 and in that time has created 12 client gardens and plant lists. Most of Belinda’s client gardens contain between 50-100 different species of plants, and the list for her own garden is fast approaching 200 plants!

If the specific plant or cultivar is not available on the Shoot database I either select a similar cultivar and add a note on the plant list, or I ask Shoot to add the plant to the database. Shoot adds new plants for me on a regular basis.

Before purchasing a professional membership with Shoot, Belinda provided her clients with a plant care and maintenance file.  Clients sometimes found it cumbersome to cross-reference the maintenance instructions with the plant listing and then to recognise the various plants in the borders. Providing clients with an online plant database using Shoot has proved to be an excellent solution to this problem.

Clients who are keen to maintain their new gardens but who lack confidence or gardening expertise are particularly impressed with their new Shoot garden accounts.

Shoot’s plant photographs help Belinda’s clients to recognise the different plants in their garden and the monthly garden care calendar and ‘how-to-do’  pages provides a timely reminder for the various maintenance tasks and throughout the year.  Belinda’s clients can also research plants to add to their gardens as in Scotland plant hardiness ratings are a particularly important consideration!

The feedback for the Shoot resource has been very positive, with some clients becoming instantly addicted to the site and its wealth of gardening knowledge and plant information.

Belinda makes a small charge for the time it takes to set up the online garden, as she did when she provided a paper-based plant care resource, and her professional membership allows clients to enjoy the benefits of Shoot for no charge for 12 months. Belinda keeps a copy of all her client gardens on Shoot and often finds herself tapping into the online plant lists rather than rummaging in the filing cabinet to remind herself of particular plants used in different gardens.

Belinda renewed her professional membership with Shoot and is looking forward to another year of being able to offer the added value of this service to my clients. To read more about this service please click here.